Approval Renewed in 2014!

Tested & Approved for hurricane protection
AIN Plastics is your local Florida source for HurriGuard® Panels manufactured by Gallina USA
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Florida Approval: 16699

Hurricane Season 2015 Is Here - Be Prepared!

Amazingly strong, highly impact resistant, and transparent to allow light in. HurriGuard® Panels from AIN Plastics allow you to save time, money, and be prepared before a storm hits.

HurriGuard® panels are made from clear polycarbonate and manufactured to be far stronger than plywood. Using our channel system, lightweight HurriGuard® panels install easily.

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HurriGuard®  Meets Miami Dade Standards
HurriGuard® storm panels have passed the Dade County Florida Hurricane Test. Panels were tested for resistance to impact using an air cannon shooting a 9 lbs. 2x4 shot missile.

HurriGuard® storm panels also passed testing using high air pressure that simulated 170 mph winds.

Miami Dade Approval: 13-1126.21

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HurriGuard® Panels Are the Choice for Severe Weather Protection of Windows

  • Cost effective, space-age replacement to plywood

  • Transparent panels transmit light to enhance safety and security

  • Reusable year after year - saves time and money and you’ll have them on hand when you need them

  • Fire resistant

  • Less than 1/4 the weight of plywood

  • Excellent impact resistance - watch the test video!

  • Easy to cut and install with common household tools

  • 10 year warranty against UV degradation

  • This product is a great asset to your home or business disaster preparedness plan!